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Jul 4, 2017  
Our Republic’s Birthday  
Are We Proud of Ourselves?  
The Republic’s Birthday or Last Rites?  
Taps — In Remembrance•  
How did we get here? (cont)  
The Price of Freedom  
The Voters  
Oath of Office  
Why Good People Do Not Run for Elected Office  
The Politics of Hate  
What Is A Veteran?  
Arlington National Cemetary during a Christmas Season.  
Taps — In Remembrance  
Love, good night, Must thou go, Fades the light; And afar  
Goeth day, And the stars  
Thanks and praise,  
For our days, ‘Neath the sun,  
Day is done, gone the sun,  
From the hills, from the lake,  
From the skies.  
All is well, safely rest,  
God is nigh.  
Go to sleep, peaceful sleep,  
May the soldier or sailor,  
God keep.  
When the day, And the night  
Need thee so?  
Shineth bright, Fare thee well;  
Neath the stars,  
Neath the sky,  
On the land or the deep,  
Safe in sleep  
All is well. Speedeth all To their Day has gone,  
Night is on.  
As we go, This we know,  
God is nigh.  
The Republic’s Birthday or Last Rites?  
by George L. Draper  
About This Document  
We begin with reading a version of taps.  
Visualize the words to the tune of the  
trumpet blaring out in outrage. Then look in  
the mirror. What do you see?  
Most likely, all things considered, you see  
a person who has allowed the politicians  
to micturate on their graves. Yes, crude  
language you might think. But our elected  
and appointed public takers have destroyed  
the great experiment more than any  
foreign power would have the resources  
to do. Greed and ego-maniacal quest by  
wannabes for power has fatally damaged  
What follows are some notes and notions  
addressing our fallen men and women and  
an apology for those who have failed them.  
In a later posting, I shall show how we can  
make amends. We have become a nation  
of whiners and complainers.  
Our complaining bears no results when  
dealing with the collective results of a  
failed education system that produces the  
most uninformed and sorriest collection of  
apathetic and unpassionate citizens this  
Republic or the world has ever known.  
Editor Note: In 2013 I wrote an article in which should be cavorting with a third world mentality.  
I imagined a monologue with our departed  
comrades. I have decided to reproduce it with  
you committed your lives and lived up to your oath  
some modifications here.  
After all, Comrades, you were not playing when  
to protect and defend the constitution.  
To my dear departed comrades and friends.  
I do not pretend to or delude myself into  
The Day is gone, Night is on. We have failed you.  
believing I am objective. Objectivity, in this arena,  
Your graves have but one value. To make us think  
is political apologetics. Outrage in our country  
we care. And perhaps to allow us to absolve our  
has disappeared. But not for all of us.  
guilt by making a speech on a designated day of  
photo ops. We are a nation of hypocrites in the  
If I were back in my radio talk show days I  
absence of God. We don’t care. Out of sight, out  
could express myself with both passion and  
of our lives. Life goes on. But in a shameful way.  
dignity at how we, including me, have let you  
down. I became disgusted with the confused and  
The words that follow are perhaps the most  
rudderless nation we have become. And even  
difficult of the many words I have spoken and  
more so, with the attack on our Dominant Culture.  
written. You all know how many years I have  
worked to honor you by trying to get our citizens to  
You, dear souls, were true representatives of  
make your lives worth while. We dwell on the word  
that culture. And you are now being replaced by  
sacrifice. But we cannot image in our cowardly  
both an illegal and unassimilable groundswell of  
heart what geniuses we have become, as a  
cultures that cannot and will not merge into our  
society, in brutalizing and destroying our bodies,  
mainstream. The men of our Dominant Culture  
minds, and souls for this is truly uncivilized.  
are targets for all interlopers. And the Dominant  
Philosophy is becoming extinct. The politicians,  
And those of you who did not die a natural  
sorry imitation of men and women of the past,  
death, but were torn apart and possibly witnessed  
have now become professional panderers. Men  
your own painful destruction, cannot rest in  
that were once considered leaders are now  
peace. But, among the living, there are those  
extinct. And in our military, where have the real  
who would give their lives to honor you. And their  
generals gone?  
voices are subdued. Even as I write, there is in  
process a plan to cut spending in hospitals that  
If one would like to know what has happened to  
serve your living comrades while Commander-in-  
our society, a critical analysis of TV advertising  
Chief 44 is like a child playfully cavorting around  
will tell a brutal story. Who is the buffoon? Who  
Africa, his heritage, and spending an estimated  
makes Dagwood Bumstead look like a genius?  
100 millions while vital care for living wounded  
is being savaged by your president and congress.  
Who is the brunt of distasteful portrayals that  
are supposed to lead to sales? Why is there no  
outrage about this subtle degradation of a targeted  
class of our Dominant Culture? Who influences  
the advertisers to make such insulting vignettes?  
Why should you purchase their products?  
This document contains notions and ideas of  
mine. It is not intended to impose thoughts on  
anyone. With that in mind I will not relish hashing  
As of this writing, departed friends,this  
out various complaints and hopefully will not cause unpresidential Chief Executive is in Tanzania,  
any anguish to anyone who visits this site. On the watching African Dancing girls and responding  
other hand, as a courtesy my email address for you  
with enthusiasm and diligence to the African  
to inform me of errors or misinformation is offered.  
drumbeat. He is more at home and relaxed  
frolicking in this communal venue than one sees  
in our once proud land of the free and the graves  
My heart is saddened to witness the destruction  
of our Republic and the demise of our Dominant  
Culture. We are in a stage of last rites, and I fear  
that the ship of state is on an irreversible course.  
How did we get here? Go to page 2  
of the brave.  
Dedicated to the Late Floyd Rogers,  
Veteran and Activist.  
All he wanted was a better government.  
Was he asking too much?  
And we are not at a point in our history where we  
This Publication With Malice Towards None  
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Continued from page 1  
The Republic’s Birthday or Last Rites?  
work to damn the very institution that allowed  
them there in the first place. More on this shortly. U.S. souls in battle. In WWII on the invasion of  
Normandy over 9,000 soldiers were killed or  
During my lifetime we have lost over 500,000  
How did we get here? (cont)  
We all helped in our demise. We voted. We  
participated in the politics of hate. Victory went to  
those who were hated the least. The Constitution  
was a forbidden word. The oaths of office were  
nothing more than a political necessity. How many  
times have we heard the plea of “So help me God!”  
only to have those same hypocrites aggressively  
It was 240 years past that our Republic was wounded. Over 120,000 soldiers made it ashore  
born. The birth of this new nation was not without on that day.  
Since 1950, and for my time in the military, and  
population. The media was no friend of those who subsequent, we have lost over 100,000 lives. We  
would work to overthrow the government of King still have over 7,000 missing in action and little  
George III.  
appetite to do much about it.  
We will not be recipients of the truth on matters or which shall be made, under their Authority;...”  
of importance. It is not understood why either  
party cannot endorse the intent of our Constitution  
religion. We have converted men into blow-dry  
whimpering males. We have surrendered your  
How many problems are we facing from accomplishments to a gang of ungrateful thugs  
but rather they cheer on illegal invasions that are Supreme Court decisions that did not arise under who cannot either assimilate or honor you. We  
debilitating to both our present and questionable the Constitution but were manufactured by political shall never again have the dominant philosophy  
future. They are simply forsaking the freedom you ideology? More on this at a later date.  
gave your lives for in exchange for making our  
that drove you to perform unbelievable deeds. We  
have become a nation with a permanent majority  
voting system one of large scale vote gathering  
Comrades and patriots departed, we have and the secularity of this majority demands an  
allowed them to dishonor your graves. Photo-ops absence of God. And we, without outrage, have  
And it is a disgrace that the high court of the and staged tears, play to the guilt of our masses conceded all that is holy and not worth standing  
land cannot enforce the Constitution rather that do not care. But your posterity cares. And up for, and are helping to steer the ship of state to  
than interpret things that were never in the they shed tears still. We who care shed tears.  
Constitution in the first place. Article II, section 2  
its demise on unknown rocky shores.  
states, in part that  
We are not absent of some of the guilt that  
Next — The Voters  
The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, befalls our Republic. We have expressed no  
in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, outrage at the loss of faith and diligence for your  
the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, sacrifices. We have become ashamed of our  
This veteran continued, “If wars were to be fought by old people, we most likely  
would find other ways to settle problems. “  
They Couldn’t Carry the Flag  
but They Still Marched in the Parade.  
After thinking for a few moments, perhaps when realizing his son could not  
comprehend some of his comments, he tried once more to explain, “Everyone loves  
parades. We all like to march in them but we can’t. But all those who march in a  
parade should be able to carry a flag.  
On a Memorial Day a long time ago a father and his seven year old son were  
watching a parade as it passed them en route to the local cemetery where our fallen  
would be honored on this special day.  
All but a few in the parade were either marching in organized groups or carrying  
and waving flags.  
My fellow veteran soldiers might look old and awful to you. To me they are made  
in a special God’s image reserved for a select group and all are heroes. We must  
Handfuls of a decrepit humanity were empty handed and barely able to complete  
the parade.  
carry the flag for them. Why?”  
They have already carried the flag.”  
The son inquired, “Dad, why do some of those men look so old and so awful? And  
why aren’t they carrying the flag?”  
Son, in the face of indescribable horror they carried our flag for us. They honored  
us and the price of that honor is a life of terrible nightmares at night but a badge of  
honor during the day. Only God can give them peace.”  
The son was referring to the maimed and stumbling young men of about 40 years  
of age who were unconsciously showing off their mementos of war. These mementos  
were not something an average citizen would envy. These mementos became a  
permanent part of their corrupted bodies that housed heroic proud minds.  
Some were hobbling on makeshift crutches, while others bravely managed on  
their substitute limbs made of wood. They resembled the one-legged pirates of the  
movies. But they were sad.  
But until then, we must carry the flag for them.”  
Dad, why must we carry the flag for them?”  
Georgie, to them carrying the flag means honoring our country and what it will  
always mean to them. We are at peace today, 20 years after the Great War, and the  
flag is as important today as it was during the war. The flag must be carried by all of  
us in good times and bad. For not to do so will mean these soldiers will be betrayed.”  
It is odd what I, as a seven year old, remembers from his father.  
My father loved his country more than any person I have ever met. While I can  
remember some of the words he confided in me, words such as these, I realize I was  
too young to understand.  
Still others twitched and fought to ward off the involuntary movements caused by  
exposure to mustard gas.  
Others were shell shocked and seemed oblivious to the moment. Some laughed  
like little boys while others were sullen and frenzied and fought to maintain control  
of the moment.  
To this day I ponder the wisdom and compassion of his words. I still do not  
There were few such moments remaining for many of them in this year of 1937.  
The father of this child, a World War I veteran himself, pondered the question.  
After some hesitation, he responded.  
I served most of my life in the military, and I still do not understand.  
I wish he were here to help. I wish George William Draper’s wisdom were here to  
help. I wish I were wise as he was wise.  
Son, these men are not old. Only young people fight wars.” He said strangely  
pensive, “These are not old veterans. They are aged minds in the ravaged bodies of  
young men. They had no chance to discover what it means to grow old. They were  
made old overnight.”  
But I am his son.  
And that is God’s everlasting gift to me.  
War or Conflict  
Revolutionary War (1775_1783)  
Mexican War (1846-48)  
Civil War (1861-65)  
U.S. Military Combat Casualties  
Other Non-Combat Casualties  
Total Deaths and Wounded  
25,000 + 25,000 wounded  
13,283+ 4,505 wounded  
400k to 500k  
WWI 1914-1918  
116,516+ 204,002 wounded  
405,399+30,314 wounded  
36,516+92,134 wounded  
58,209+153,303 wounded  
4,468+32,222 wounded  
WWII 1941-1945  
Korean War 1950-1953  
Vietnam War 1965-1975  
Iraq Conflict 2003-2011  
The Price of Freedom  
Free college, free income, free hourly wage for little accomplishment.  
Some would say that the price of freedom is responsibility. But what does that  
Since the beginning of civilized history, a nation founded on democratic principles  
Others would say that patriotism is necessary for our freedom. But really, what is has not survived much over 200 years.  
And to keep from failing, these democracies sacrificed their young and brave.  
patriotism? Flying our flag? Wearing our stars and stripes as clothing? Placing yellow  
ribbons on our bumpers to show that we support our troops? How does that support  
anything except perhaps, satisfying an innate feeling of helplessness to be involved?  
On June 27, 2016 there was a you tube video showing young adult responses to  
questions about the 4th of July and what it means.  
Today, we can see the price of freedom by viewing the losses predominantly of  
young men.  
That is the price of freedom.  
And we will celebrate our July 4th with political speeches, parades, and glowing  
The answers were scary. I dunnowas the predominate theme. This generation praises of our fallen.  
But we will not spend but one minute on why these casualties were necessary.  
is lost.  
Why? Because we let it happen.  
We have incubated, via our unfortunate education system, a generation of zombies.  
We glorify our losses rather than trying to understand why we are nothing but  
Zombies who live for instant gratification, begging for the free lunch which takes human capital for the political system to expend.  
many forms.  
Copyright © 2016 George L. Draper  
The Republic’s Birthday or Last Rites? (Cont)  
The Voters  
Comrades in arms, a day cannot go by when entertainment or to salivate over celebrities but unassimilable members of the unassimilable  
someone does not complain about something find it offensive to be required to go to the polls on multicultures. The cabal of takers who are members  
affecting them and the elected are to blame. They a constitutionally designated day. As we become of the permanent majority that has morphed us into  
are not concerned that their problem arose from more of a nation of corruption as each election a direct democracy.  
our Constitution being traduced, but rather that passes, we allow our supervisors of election to  
“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than  
the raping of our rule of law hit their wallets. The insult us all by printing ballots and literature in sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” -  
single most destructive power in the world is a foreign languages. It is not clear why there is no Martin Luther King Jr.  
political system governed by the politics of hate as outrage.  
contrasted to the politics of enforcing the rule of To become a citizen, one promises to speak Perhaps stupid is a goal of the government  
law. English. If this is true, then who are these education system. After all, if stupid becomes the  
But ignorance is correctable. Stupid is not.  
ut, we voted. And we are bleating for ways to foreigners who are crowding all forms of society norm then nobody will recognize stupidity.  
make voting easy. We wait in lines for hours for with unconstitutional demands? These are  
Oath of Office  
Do you remember what the first law of our oaths. With few exceptions, everyone in office  
Republic is? May 5, 1789 The Senate’s First Act violates their oaths. If you took an oath to support Bad behavior deserves some form of punishment.  
- the Oath Act  
and defend the Constitution then you should not There is no greater punishment to a political  
have the right to elect anyone who has violated careerist than the fear of not being reelected.  
The following is an excerpt from my soon to their right. If you belong to a political party, then But, the argument goes, the opposing party will  
be published book, Journeying the Irreversible you are obliged to vote for an oath breaker. How control the government with no opposition. Well,  
can this be corrected? When I bring up this point my friends, where is there now, any opposing  
in various conversations, I am accused of using party? And where is there any real difference in  
On May 5, 1789, the Senate passed its first bill -- circular reasoning. In fact, my opposition would either major party in supporting and defending  
the Oath Act. That first oath, for members and civil laugh at me if they were not polite. They just shrug the Constitution? The only visible difference  
servants, was very simple: “I do solemnly swear their shoulders at a Neanderthal who believes in between major political parties is the degree of  
that I will support the Constitution of the United the Great Experiment. When I am asked what we socialism they feel the electors will tolerate, and  
States.” Do you know what the first law of the should do, I respond that they should give notice how they will plunder the electors to pay for their  
United States was? It was made on June 1, 1789. to their respective political party, and explain that fantasies. Federal spending is nothing more than  
It described the obligations required of civilian and they are resigning because of the oath problem, an unprecedented political campaign to buy votes.  
military officials to support the Constitution. It is and if the political party will offer candidates who It has become a national employment agency for  
the oldest and most violated law in our Republic. vow that they, if they return, will honor their oaths many who cannot find jobs in the private sector.  
History shows that our citizens cannot support and or resign. Only then will it be possible to make the We must start somewhere. Otherwise we keep  
defend the Constitution. The repeated violations government change. It is then argued that their steering more rapidly on the irreversible course.  
began in statute 1, chapter I, an act to regulate opponents will have the advantage. My response  
the time and manner of administering certain is simple.  
Why Good People Do Not Run for Elected Office  
In Florida, in 2010, before the primaries, the representatives at all levels of our government.  
politics. If truth was a requirement, few would be  
state Republican party had already endorsed a Political races are even more complicated by qualified because they would be speechless. Even  
candidate for the United States Senate seat. Today, opaqueness. Politicians do not know the difference locally, unless a candidate is not considered a  
this Senator is demonstrating an inability to escape between opaqueness and transparency. When member of the “in group”, that candidate does not  
from his culture and diligently and forcefully strives allegations of mischief or corruption or political stand a chance. In fact, the outcome of the 2014  
to legitimize his illegitimate ideology. He might be cronyism crops up, the responses are quite elections went on with the same tired gang being  
the target of a recall effort.  
In Florida’s Republican Party anyone who wants allegations” is usually the response from the public  
uncreative. “The candidate emphatically denies all remarkably unremarkable.  
The clarion cry, Comrades, is the assertion  
to run as a Republican will meet opposition from relations head, often the campaign manager. that someone violated their oath of office. This  
his party, unless their strict questionable standards Candidates know that the lethargy in the electorate assertion is made only when an unconstitutional  
are met.  
In other words, unless a person wants to run And the retention level of reality of most voters is favors the takers is challenged.  
is their most important asset.  
act is challenged, or when a political doctrine that  
for this seat and is anointed by some shadow embarrassingly inconsequential. So, the strategy is “But guess what my departed friends? Who are  
committee or power broker, they can forget it. Even to ignore the facts and amplify the hate. It is much the biggest violators of their oath of office? Well,  
at this writing Comrades, the 2014 candidates easier to hate than to understand what anyone later we shall discuss this. But in the meantime, my  
for elections are already selected. And we shall stands for.  
departed friends, think about it.“  
continue to seat remarkably unremarkable  
It really doesn’t matter. There is no truth in  
The Politics of Hate  
Our votes got us the most damaging political body power of the oath of office.  
action brought against a judicial officer for an act  
hate and money could by. It is difficult to separate  
By violating their oaths, do not members or omission taken in such officer’s judicial capacity,  
lobbying from bribery. It is difficult to see how some of Congress violate the civil rights of their injunctive relief shall not be granted unless a  
taxpayers provided a framework for the takers The constituency? Title 42, The Public Health and declaratory decree was violated or declaratory  
promise of a public handout for a vote. The fact Welfare part of the US Code, in Chapter 21, Civil relief was unavailable.  
that Congress can authorize payments for a vote Rights, Subchapter 1, Generally, Section 1983, Is not allowing illegal aliens to freely enter the  
is most likely the greatest and most visible political Civil action for deprivation of rights, states,  
States a violation of civil rights of “citizens of the  
crime in existence. When on sees that some “Every person who, under color of any statute, United States or other person within the jurisdiction  
studies show that 95% of a minority group votes for ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any thereof to the deprivation of any rights” and that  
Democrats, and voted for White House Occupant State or Territory or the District of Columbia, those not under the jurisdiction of the United States  
4, we need no further proof of corruption on a subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen have no standing?  
national scale. Vote for the “handouts.” Perhaps of the United States or other person within the In the last four years, according to some sources,  
the word “freedom” has morphed into the words jurisdiction thereof to the deprivation of any more citizens have been murdered by illegal aliens  
rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the by at least four times the number of those military  
free things.”  
Two Florida Senators, one from each major party Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party killed in Iraq for a similar period. Were not those  
support amnesty for the illegal invaders. Political injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other who were murdered victims of the oath-breakers?  
party and cultural influences seem to trump the proper proceeding for redress, except that in any  
What Is A Veteran?  
Of course you know the answer to this.  
Years ago, in the mid 1980’s, I published a tabloid, “The Veterans’ Journal.”  
In a specific issue I proposed that every veteran and immediate family be  
A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made  
payable to “The United States of America “ for an amount of up to and including issued an ID card that allows access to all hospitals.  
my life.”  
I was not an advocate of a VA Hospital. I was and am an advocate of realistic  
This is Honor at its finest, and there are too many people in this country who Veterans recognition and medical care in the same facility his family would  
no longer understand it.  
For years I have maintained that a veteran is a person who pays his dues in  
receive it.  
I wanted veterans in need of health care, armed with a Medical ID card, to  
advance, continually, and maybe finally. I also know that they do it without much go to the nearest community hospital that could treat them and that they would  
receive first class treatment.  
From my own personal experiences with extraordinary people it can be said,  
I did not think a veteran should have to be treated at a hospital miles from his  
home, which would cause much hardship on his family.  
The opposition by veterans’ groups and various legislators was vicious and  
Heroes cannot imagine their own mortality.”  
Unfortunately, many heroes are not aware that they are, in fact, heroes.  
Fortunately, there must be a special hallowed place in eternity where they vocal. The VA Hospital syndrome existed then and exists today.  
enjoy the peace and tranquility for which they gave their lives for others to  
How many veterans have died or lacked quality care since a Central Florida  
VA hospital was first proposed for Brevard County years ago? An ignorant  
Flags, memorials, and all the patriotic trappings designed to make the donor effort by two misguided congressman resulted in giving the VA an excuse to  
feel good, are not necessary. What is truly necessary is to turn public feel good not build, at that time, in either Central Florida or Brevard County. Some of the  
vanity into some meaningful tribute to the veteran and the veteran’s family. I same sorry politicians are still involved in advocating building VA Hospitals to  
would propose that Veteran’s Day be a day of supporting a living memorial, not get good care for our “Men and Women who served.”  
the bronze attempts at glorifying war.  
Provided, of course, that the media gives them good press coverage for their  
I believe we should make this living memorial something that deserving public concern.  
veteran’s and their families can realize when they are in need and alive.  
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Copyright © 2016 George L. Draper  
Page 3  
The Draper Reader Voice  
George L. Draper is a former USAF pilot. He  
enlisted as a private and retired as a Colonel (O6).  
A graduate of the USAF Experimental Test Pilot  
school, he flew in many advanced technology  
projects. He served in both the Joint War Games  
Agency and the JCS Studies and Analysis Agency.  
He was an Instructor at the Industrial College of  
the Armed Forces (ICAF) where he designed a  
simulation of International Relations known as the  
International Relations Exercise (IRE). As an F-4  
pilot he flew a combat tour in SE Asia.  
We are a Republic embroiled in Political Eschatology.  
Political eschatology, my definition, is our living of the last  
results of our short history.  
We are now attending our own wake and not realizing it. We  
have denied our heritage for a secular lifestyle that encourages  
community outreach and forbids individualist status. We have  
been ensnared by multicultural invaders.  
We have lost our passion for what made us great and  
immerse ourselves in happenings that have moved the cellar  
of human nature to the top floor.  
We are on an irreversible course to disaster.  
He has lived in Florida since 1979.  
Deal, our nation has morphed into one of pure  
greed and a lack of pride and passion for most  
anything good.  
Some Thoughts on My Writings  
I have spent much time in trying to fathom  
the political world. I had a radio talk-show,  
printed a smart newspaper called the  
016 Presidential Elections  
The state of our political system and the  
impotence of our Congress is reflected in the  
016 Presidential Elections.  
It has become apparent that corruption in  
our government has reached unparalleled  
We were marvelous in World War II and  
garnered the name of those who lived and  
fought during that time as “The Greatest  
But we seemed to think we deserved a  
payback for our sacrifices. Democrat Mr.  
Roosevelt, a true Socialist, invented social  
security. Touted to be a short term way to  
bridge the gap from employment to retirement,  
it grew, just as planned, into the largest Ponzi  
scheme known to mankind.  
And it gave his political party lifetime  
members, as long as they received the  
handouts. Would the moniker “The Greediest  
Generation” apply?  
Mr. Johnson, fearful of rioting by the  
American Negro, as demonstrated by the  
Watts riots in California on August 11, 1965,  
invented the various civil rights laws which  
are considered by some to be outside the  
authority of our constitution.  
President Kennedy, before him would take  
this action. Our constitution tells us what not  
to do but is silent on any affirmative actions.  
In the Watts riot 34 persons died.  
Today in Chicago, this number might mean a  
quiet weekend.  
But one incident gives an opportunity  
to garner votes while the other is ignored  
because the reasons might be disturbing to  
the power brokers and the propagandists and  
reveal the true nature of the cultures involved  
Veterans’ Journal.” I served on various public  
committees such as the Brevard County  
Charter Commission, and The Brevard County  
Citizens Election Study Panel.  
I sought nothing but good government as  
specified by the law. Unfortunately I met  
resistance and roadblocks in every endeavor.  
The most prominent common factor was the  
political motives of those involved.  
I was embarrassed to confront retired  
military officers in public positions who were  
pandering to little people for recognition of  
their self-perceived great leadership skills.  
These little people still exist in the public  
domain, business organizations and political  
My outrage was somewhat dormant at the  
outset. I had never been close to political  
animals before. I did not realize that to feed  
these political animals you were compelled to  
traduce the Rule of Law and, in doing so, you  
became one of the “boys.”  
We have a Socialist running for our  
Article 4 of states that “The United States  
shall guarantee to every State in this Union  
a Republican Form of Government, and shall  
protect each of them against Invasion; and  
on Application of the Legislature, or of the  
Executive (when the Legislature cannot be  
convened) against domestic Violence.”  
Did not our Founders anticipate such an  
attempt at destroying our Republic and  
guarantee us that it should not and cannot  
When the highest levels of National Security  
are compromised, should not our Department  
of Justice, our Congress, and our Federal  
Security Agencies aggressively respond?  
If this occurred in a Defense Contractor  
environment immediate and appropriate  
penalties would be enacted.  
I learned that you can fool all of the people  
all of the time. Half of our political spectrum  
represents one ideology group while the other  
half attempts to lead you to believe there is  
another ideological group. The only difference  
is one group honors a blue jackass while  
the other honors a red elephant. Neither, in  
general, honor their oaths of office.  
However, anecdotally, it might be that  
security violations and cover-ups may not  
be taken seriously by our Federal Security  
Agencies as a result of corrupt political power,  
and a precedent is set for high level security  
violations to be tolerated.  
No Free Lunch  
Beginning with President Roosevelt’s New  
Why No Outrage?  
hopeless mess we have allowed to take hold in our country.  
If we were to apologize to these men and women, we could do it with  
To Those Who Served And Gave Their All.  
Recently, I viewed some thought provoking photos of military cemeteries. platitudes and grace.  
The sites were meticulously cared for and the graves were symbolically  
identified by an appropriate white marker.  
Or we could express ourselves in outrage.  
But in this nation, outrage has died as has a passion for freedom, just as  
The numbers were overwhelming. Thousands of our own kind gave those who who had a passion for freedom died with honor .  
their lives for this Republic to make a safe place for their posterity. These  
progenitors must have expected more from us. They expected us to preserve  
An Apology  
After years of working for a better country and a better way of life for all, I  
this great Republic for our posterity, and to strengthen the moral fiber of find it time to speak for those who can’t.  
If this document generates outrage it is too late to come from those who  
served and gave. It will come from those who look in the mirror and see the  
thieves who stole our country and blasphemed our mortal efforts.  
The outrage will come from those who finally realize they did what no other  
those who follow by remembering that their sacrifices had a meaning.  
Have we lived up to their expectations? You be the judge.  
My first thought is. “What a waste!”  
Then upon further reflection I realized that those of us who served, and our  
loved ones, left the responsibility for the honor and integrity of our Republic enemy could do.  
to those who stayed at home. We refer to some of them daily as they. They  
are the ones who have dishonored us.  
In violation of our trust they made politics a self-serving lucrative perquisite  
laden career. They dishonor us! And they dishonor us in the comfort of the no pockets.  
In a betrayal to our fallen brave, they have transformed this Republic into  
a rowdy democracy, on its way to wherever the irreversible course takes it.  
And for all their greed and failings, let us remind them that a shroud has  
absence of our outrage.  
And for the political memorials in honor of those took rather than give I am  
We trusted them to manage our assets while they trusted us to honor our compelled to utter a silent apology to our comrades in arms who watch with  
country. It turns out that this was not a good deal for both our country and us. silent tears.  
While the final resting places of those who gave emanate honor and glory,  
the Republic they fought for is in tatters, disarray, and hopelessly bankrupt, are steering us on the Irreversible Course,  
We apologize to those we honor, and to their posterity, and ask those who  
both economically and morally.  
“How many more times will the plea ‘God Bless America’ be invoked as  
Government has become a haven for dishonor and where, within this we continue to damn everything America once stood for?”  
framework, there is an absence of both morality and of ethical behavior.  
We owe each and every one of these departed souls an apology for the  
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